iTechjoy 19 PCS Big Pop Game Fidget Toy,Rainbow Anti-Anxiety Chess Board Push Bubble Popper Stress Relief Fidget Toys Pack, Relieve Anxiety and Stress for Kids Adults (Copy)

Made of high-quality silicone material, soft, thick and durable. can

Press repeatedly, it is not easy to crack. Wear-resistant, can effectively relieve stress and restore mood.


Suitable for parent-child, party, family games to relieve anxiety and restore emotions,


2. Gameplay: successfully force the opponent to press the last

A wave of players wins


You can refer to our classic gameplay, we encourage you to explore and create your own new

How to play!


Three. How to play

Game 1:

Dice can add fun to this game.

The first team rolls the dice first, if it rolls 6, the second team rolls the dice 6 times

And in turn

The player who presses the last pop to lose the round and needs to press the big middle

Popular, too, it will win three games in five rounds.


Game two:

Players take turns pressing any number of pops in a row

The player who pressed the last pop loses the round

Whoever loses pushes the big bubble in the middle

Whoever wins three of the five rounds wins the game! It’s that simple and fun!



  • 🌈[Decompression Fingertip Boxes]These sensory toy sets are suitable for all ages, hyperactivity, autism, obsessive-compulsive disorder or high stress/anxiety relief. It keeps the brain focused and keeps hands busy.
  • 🌈[big fidget pack ]12.59 x 6.69 inch push bubble fingertip toy is different from other small push wave fingertip toys. The gameplay design of the popular big board toy showdown allows multiple people to participate together, creating a fun family atmosphere for the whole game Add a lot of fun.
  • 🌈[Latest Gameplay]two people fight, you can choose simple or complex game rules. Players take turns pressing the POP based on any number of dice thrown by the opponent, and then continue to take turns until one of the losing players finally must break the last bubble.
  • 🌈[Pop Fidget Toys Set]contains big-size fingertip toys, 3 Fidget stretchy strings, 1 Mini bubble squeeze toy, 4 Network tubemarble decompression, 4 Mochi squishies, 4 Finger massage rings, and 2 Small skateboards.
  • 🌈[Ideal Gift] fingertip bag of popular music, which can restore emotions from anxiety. Rainbow-like colors also bring you a good mood. This is a stress relief gift for family or friends. also the best game for family, friends and other gatherings.

27 reviews for iTechjoy 19 PCS Big Pop Game Fidget Toy,Rainbow Anti-Anxiety Chess Board Push Bubble Popper Stress Relief Fidget Toys Pack, Relieve Anxiety and Stress for Kids Adults (Copy)

  1. Cj

    Kids love it……………………………………………

  2. sweeney, ronni

    The big pop it is great some of the small animal squishys feel like they’ll break easily

  3. Kayla Richey

    My daughter has ADHD and really loves the pop it’s. And she’s being dying for a pop it game and all the colors she give me as a choice was the colors on the one I ordered also the fact that it comes with more then just the game for a great price was awesome.

  4. Aissa Kalter

    Great variety of fidgets! My kids love the variety in this bundle to keep them occupied.

  5. Kaelynn Courtney

    Kids loved the battle fidget and that it came with quite a few smaller fidets! Great price and awesome deal!

  6. Elisabeth Mason

    My daughter loves it and the variety of toys are great.

  7. Chris Oswald

    Our 1w yr old and 5 yr old both enjoy playing with the fidgeting. They seem to be of high quality as well so we will probably purchase from your company again!

  8. Dawn Styga

    This is an awesome toy and very fun to play with. Family game night is so much more fun now

  9. R J Mays

    I saw this and had to get for my grandson. He collects fidgets/poppets. Thought this would be fun to play. He loves it!!!!

  10. Sariah Dodge

    It comes with a lot for a good price. It is fun to play but the game pop it’s are a little too hard

  11. Amelia Abell

    I am very excited about these items for my classroom. It is exactly what I was needing for my students.

  12. Anne Spangenberg

    This product was a lot of fun for my daughter and son to play with.

  13. Jessyka Estrada

    Its was good quality and there was alot of options

  14. Tammy Smith

    Granddaughter loves it! Plays with it constantly.

  15. Nicole Gibson

    I love how many fidgets come with this product! I plan to use these for my speech therapy sessions at school!

  16. Grace McGarvie

    I loved the big pop it game and the price of it the quality was very good of everything

  17. Kyla West

    This is a great set for the price! All good fidget toys! Love it!

  18. TAMARA Martin

    It exceeded expectations! Fast shipping and quality products. My son was excited to play the game and and the fidget toys were a great bonus.

  19. Keeaira Mishelle Taylor

    I was so excited when i received my package. I am so happy to add these new items to my collection. i like the way they pop. It varities of items that do different things.

  20. Jenni Wanamaker

    Great quality we are very pleased

  21. MariaSalinas

    I really love it, it’s awesome.

  22. Tambra Keiser

    I work with children with autism and have used products like these in the past. They are simple little Fidget Toys that can do a world of good.

  23. Christal Carls

    We love it! And we love the different animals we received. Thank you!

  24. reginald Poe

    My kid loves it so far it seems durable and brightly colored,happy with the purchase as of now.

  25. Desiree Wright

    My daughter loved all of it and it was a good price!

  26. Amy Farrell

    This has kept my kids and their friend busy for hours today! They love this game and while they take turns playing, they get to fidget with the other toys in the bundle! This was a great purchase! Amazon did kind of a crummy job packing it; they folded it over in the package so it’s taking a little while for the shape to go back to normal…but nothing too serious…it’s still super fun and the kids love it!

  27. Brook

    My daughter loves it and so do I!!

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