• Sensory Wristband Toy: The newly upgraded pressure relief bracelet bubble, the pressure bracelet can concentrate, relieve anxiety, release the pressure of life, relieve stress, and relieve dryness and boredom. It can promote blood circulation and improve blood circulation in the hands and wrists.
  • Unique Design: The bracelet design is convenient for you to wear at any time, press lightly, and relieve fatigue. Wearing it on your hand is both good-looking and fun. Press it once to make a “pop pop” sound for easy decompression
  • Adjustable Size: The decompression toy wristband is small in size and the flexible wristband will not be deformed. It has four adjustment holes, which can be adjusted according to the actual size of the wrist. It is suitable for most people to wear and play.
  • Safe and High-Quality materials: The fingertip toy of the bracelet is made of silicone material, which is easy to clean, smooth, wear-resistant, dirt-resistant, and the wristband is soft and elastic, safe and non-toxic.
  • Suitable :for all kinds of people, adults and children with special sensory needs such as irritability in work and life, anxiety, hyperactivity disorder, inattention, autism, and so on